Hi, I'm Marc Doran!

Software Engineer

I am a Full Stack Software Engineer with the skills to transform ideas into reality!


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Panoptic Beta

An Open Source, innovative metrics tracker for web applications that utilizes Google's Lighthouse SDK to provide metric scores for performance, speed, accessibility, and best practices per Git Commit!

Technologies: NextJS, Github OAuth, PassportJS, MongoDB Atlas, SCSS, ChartJS, Vercel

Song Palate

A web app that uses the Spotify API to allows users to connect their Spotify account and listen to their favorite music on a simplified UI.

Technologies: React, Express, MongoDB Atlas, Spotify API, Heroku


View a list of live cryptocurrency prices, market cap, trading volume, and percent change in the last 24 hours!

Technologies: React, CoinGeckoAPI, CSS

More Coming Soon...

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I'm Marc Doran, Software Engineer, and I enjoy creating things on the internet. My interest for programming first started back in 2014, when I was making plugins for servers that lived on this small indie game you might have heard of called Minecraft. I went on to explore other areas of development throughout high school such as iOS development. It wasn't until 2019 where I decided to make Software Engineering my career, with a specialization in Full Stack Web Development

After months of being self-taught + some college, I decided to enroll into Codesmith, a coding bootcamp. From there, I had the opportunity to learn & work on my skills building many full stack applications, launching my own Open Source Product, and establishing close relationships with the like-minded and talented people I was surrounded with along the way. Fast forward to today, after many open source contributions and having mentored other engineers, I'm constantly seeking out opportunities for my next chapter of growth.

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